We welcome you all to The 8th ICMAP & The 9th ISFM online Conference. Please read our guideline to participate in the conference more effectively. Should you have any questions or inquiries related to the conference, please feel free to contact us at office@icmap2020.org.


- We recommend you check the network before the session. Use a high-speed network for a stable connection to the meeting.
- Use a headset to minimize any noise issues.
- Please try to find a quiet environment and maintain the environment during a session.
- If the security system blocked you accessing on your PC, try to watch on your mobile device.
- If there are people sharing the same account, this may cause troubles to view the sessions. Use 1 account per participant.
- You may enter the session(s) with only one of your devices (PC, mobile) at once. Please not to access the conference with
multiple (2 or more) devices at the same time.
- Chrome/ Safari/ Edge browsers are recommended. Using Internet Explorer may cause restricted viewing or access.

Watching Online Conference on Zoom
Install a zoom client ().
You can test a joint meeting from following site:

Click "Join" Wait a few seconds and the zoom client will run Click "Join with Video" Click "Join with Computer Audio"
You cannot test screen sharing, you can only test the microphone and video.

ZOOM Guideline
You should check the guideline before entering the session.

Guideline for Session Chair Guideline for Presenter Guideline for Participant

How to Login and Attend the Conference
You can access the online conference with your registered ID and PW via online system.
Once you complete the conference registration through the payment, additional tabs for the online conference will be added to your
menu on the top of the page based on your registered information. If you haven’t complete the conference registration, please
proceed your registration first.
Before you login, you should agree to the terms by marking the checkbox as below;

I agree that all the materials and publications presented in The 8th ICMAP & The 9th ISFM are prohibited for
any unauthorized distribution or commercial use.

Online Conference Menu
This menu will be shown from January 16(Sat.).
You can see the menu once you log in online system.
'튜토리얼 한국어 세션'과 '스페셜 세션'은 등록한 사람에 한하여 메뉴가 생성됩니다.
Plenary Talks, Oral Sessions
All sessions except for the e-poster session will be conducted as online live streaming through Zoom on time.
You may see the session schedule when you click the session title.
You may access the online live streaming session when you click the Zoom button ( ) beside the session title.

※ Plenary and Oral sessions are conducted live and will not be shared after the sessions.

e-Poster Session, Tutorial Sessions (English)
The sessions will be conducted as on-demand sessions. You can see the e-posters whenever you like during the conference period.
During the Plenary Talks and Oral Sessions, there will be a time for Q&As. Anyone who has question(s) for the talks, please use the
Q&A board.
Participants are able to write down any questions about Oral / Poster presentations to the presenter via Q&A board.
Once you upload your question, an email will be sent automatically to the presenter of the abstract you asked.
If there is a reply to the question, a notification email will be sent to the questioner.

If you are not a registrant;

If you are not yet a paid registrant, please make sure that you have to register and complete the payment for watching sessions.
To register, please follow the link below to proceed registration and the payment.
For those who process their payment via wire transfer during the conference period (1/17~1/19), please email at reg@icmap2020.org
with a copy of a remittance and your registration number (4-digits) to get an access to the real-time sessions.